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Your Jacksonville SEO Experts

Born and raised right here on the First Coast.

Local is better

When it comes to understanding local markets and how they interact with Jacksonville based businesses, you need a team that knows the lay of the land. A company that knows the flow of things here in Jax.

Our Jacksonville SEO team is armed with not only the passion & knowledge, but also skills needed to take your website on an upward climb through Google and other major search engines.

When it comes to leads, you need qualified & motivated people to coming to your website. At Maple & Resin, we work with clients of all sorts, in a variety of different industries & markets right here in Jacksonville to get them the best possible traffic.

What we do for JAcksonville SEO

Keyword Research

Our Jacksonville SEO team will find all of the relevant keywords that are key to your business and dive into a number of metrics to find a keyword’s potential value to you. These metrics will include but not be limited to: search volume, competitor usage, and other different factors to see the possible worth for different pages on your website

Onsite Optimization

Building an SEO strategy for your website is our first priority. Making sure your budget and business needs are in scope. Making your site’s experience with both Google and the end user in mind is the most important thing. User experience and SEO go hand in hand. Finding the balance to this makes Google happy. In turn, ranking you higher.

Google Maps Local pack

If you have a physical location here in Jacksonville, a very large part of driving traffic from Google to your site is having a strong place in Google’s local search & Google Maps. Our strategy includes optimizing your local listings to not only be search friendly, but making sure your information across the web is consistent.


Communication is of utmost importance. You not only need to know what we've done, but how it has impacted your sites preformance. We give detailed reports of your websites SEO performance, data about your traffic, top referring keywords, competitor activity and quite a bit more!

Content strategy

Content is king and creating well-written, quality content is key in generating domain athority. Not only will it generate social shares and website traffic, links are a huge possibility. We love strategy and helping you put out content that will help bring traffic to your website.


Collectively, the Maple & Resin team have been experts in web design, UX, UI, SEO, and social media marketing for over 15 years. All right here in Jacksonville, Florida.

We run a small team to keep you in focus. We take pride with our Jacksonville based SEO team. We are made up of passionate, hard-working, bright individuals from a number of different backgrounds, including analytics, creative writing, business, sales, and statistics.

We are confident that you can trust us to improve the engagement and exposure of your website through Search Engine Optimization. 

If you're interested in a FREE SEO AUDIT for your Jacksonville,Fl based company, fill out this form!


Our process & Approach


From the start, we will be auditing your site to see how you're currently preforming for search engines. We need to get a complete understanding of how well you're ranking in Jacksonville, if at all...


After we get a grip on where you're at and what needs to be done, we start optimizing your website so that Google & other search engines can better understand, index, and associate the pages of your site with what your First Coast prospects are looking for

Citations & Links

When it comes to local ranking, quality references to your site from relevant websites is huge. With search engines, this determines a web page’s value. We implement a process for creating and correcting directory citation links to your website.

Search Engines Are Intense.

Search across the web is a complicated thing. With SEO, it's an ever-changing science. The major search engines have a lot to process. They not only have an ongoing task of sifting through literally trillions of pages of content, fighting spam, & understanding semantics, they're ultimate goal is delivering the most accurate results for their users. Google has more than 30 trillion websites in its index. Every time a Jacksonville based search is made with Google, they sift through all of it's databases in an effort to offer the ten very best results on the first page. Most of the time, it's millions; sometimes billions of results.

Local SEO with Maple & Resin

So where do we come into the picture? We are here to help Google understand what your website is, what it's about, and how it can be relevant to your base audience here in Jacksonville, Fl. Essentially, Maple & Resin’s SEO experts will research and derive a sensible, unique, and data-driven SEO campaign strategy focused on getting you your companys online goals.

Need more insight?

Loal Jacksonville SEO is a monster of a topic. If you'd like to know more about how we can help you achieve your goals, reach out to us! We want to see your Jacksonville business grow!

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